Our programs

International Festival Junior Ballets

The foundation organizes a festival of junior ballets in Geneva. This educational and collaborative project between talented young dancers in training, brings together junior companies from all over Europe for shows and masterclasses. Students from all over Switzerland can also attend these workshops and masterclasses with renowned teachers and choreographers. This event is a great platform for exchanges and sharing between young dancers from all horizons, and a unique opportunity for all contemporary dance lovers to discover in Geneva, the work and educational project of various international junior ballets.

Junior Dance Company

The foundation supports Area Jeune Ballet, a junior dance company created in 2014 in Geneva, with the aim of giving young dancers the opportunity to gain the experience of the stage. The AJB brings together 22 dancers in vocational training, aged 17 to 22 from different countries. Multicultural and aware of the latest trends in contemporary dance, the company promotes excellence in learning, tolerance and openness. A program of choreographic workshops is set up throughout the year with invited professors and choreographers. The pieces created and worked on as part of these workshops constitute the repertoire of the young ballet. The foundation also establishes exchanges and partnerships with other training centers and junior companies.

Support to Young Dancers

The foundation helps aspiring artists gain access to multidisciplinary training by awarding scholarships to deserving students who can not support themselves. The foundation ensures that financial conditions are not an obstacle to the training of talented and committed dancers.

Artistic Creation Support

The foundation encourages the proliferation of artistic projects to promote the creative offer in Geneva by supporting artist residencies.

Health and Wellness

Being convinced that dance is a wonderful vector of human and social development, the foundation is committed to developing programs focused on the health and well-being of the individual through dance. Organized in collaboration with community partners, these programs-workshops aim to allow children, teenagers and people with specific needs, to enjoy the benefits of this artistic practice: shared joy, enrichment of everyday life through the exploration of movement, development of creativity…

Cultural Mediation

The foundation promotes dance in Geneva by contributing to the awareness and appreciation of this art among diverse audiences of all generations. It thus offers cultural mediation programs such as special performances, lectures-demonstrations and workshops.

Dance Area Foundation

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